The roles

Bury is a great place to work on regeneration.

The Business, Growth and Infrastructure Directorate has been formed to take advantage of the opportunities Bury has. The council is now looking to find the people with the right talent, application and technical skills to drive change on the ground.

Bury Town Centre is a successful place by most measures but needs some strategic interventions if it is to continue to thrive. It has a strong retail base, great transport links and an outstanding traditional market. The town faces the same threats as all do, but it has assets and opportunity as well. 

Prestwich is a thriving suburban district which has a really strong cultural identity, full of prospering small businesses and entrepreneurs.  The intention now is to create a new town centre; one which is focused on a public hub building, creative workspace, new housing and independent trading.

Radcliffe is an industrial town that faces many of the challenges of de-industrialisation.  Yet it has great potential with some fine buildings, a river, a new and thriving Market Hall and direct Metrolink access.  Paul and the team are keen to build on this and implement the recently published Strategic Regeneration framework to improve the town for all its residents.

Outside of Bury’s main Towns there are plans for large scale land development in the Northern Gateway area.  This is an opportunity on a grand scale and presents the potential for enormous economic and job growth.  It is a major strand of the northern powerhouse and most of the land is in Bury.

Elsewhere, through Bury’s extensive land and property portfolio there is an opportunity for the council to invest selectively across the whole Borough.  They have identified some key opportunities in other towns in the Borough, such as Whitefield and Ramsbottom, the latter of which has been through an amazing two decade transformation. 

A summary of each opportunity is provided below, directly from Paul Lakin.

£77,935 - £84,720

This stimulating and challenging opportunity has arisen to drive forward major physical and economic regeneration within the borough. With responsibility for our Property & Assets Team, Business Relations and Inward Investment and Major Projects Managers.

This opportunity comes at an exciting time, with the Council looking to drive forward our ambitious regeneration proposals. We are looking for someone with the skills, experience and drive to translate ambitious plans into activity on the ground.

Bury Town Centre is the main civic and retail centre within the Borough. There is an opportunity to take forward our vision for the future of the wider Markets area, to work with TfGM to drive a major investment in a new Transport Interchange and to work on proposals for a new public sector hub building in the town centre. Prestwich is a thriving district with real potential for a transformational town centre regeneration programme. The Council has also made a commitment to drive major change in the town of Radcliffe, including new Council-led development in the heart of the centre.

The postholder will also drive value and performance from our land and property portfolio. We have an accelerated disposals programme which will allow us to concentrate on investing in our strongest assets to create new development opportunities. There is an opportunity to drive forward a portfolio of key development propositions on our industrial land bank, as well as our portfolio of property assets and our strategic development land.


This is an exciting but challenging opportunity to help shape the future of the Borough, having overarching responsibility for the Council’s Statutory Planning Functions, including Strategic Planning, Development Management, Building Control and Economic Development.

This opportunity comes at an exciting time, with the Council looking to build on its previous successes with a range of key regeneration projects, particularly within its key town centres.

The Council is working with its Greater Manchester colleagues to bring forward the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, setting out the strategic vision for the homes and jobs of the future.  This includes the Northern Gateway opportunity that will see one of the largest land releases in the UK which has the potential to transform the economic performance of the wider north Greater Manchester region.

The successful candidate will work closely with colleagues at Transport for Greater Manchester, the GMCA and in neighbouring Local Authorities as well as with key national bodies such as Highways England and the Environment Agency.

£51,755 – £54,675
Two year fixed term contract

We are currently looking for two Senior Projects Managers for two new posts within the Business Growth and Infrastructure team. One to drive forward the Bury Town Centre development programme and another to drive forward the regeneration of Radcliffe.

Each postholder will be responsible for the delivery of the Council’s continued ambitions to regenerate a key centre or place. You will be driving forward the development programme for the place. This will require skills in translating our strategic proposals into development propositions. You will take ownership of assembling a small team of professionals drawn from internal and external resources and driving forward the implementation of those proposals which you will have secured investment support for.

You will take the lead on co-ordinating all the Council's input into the delivery of the key capital development schemes in the place for which you are responsible; including legal, procurement, transport and operations. You will specify the Council’s operational requirements and will also maintain internal communications on the progress of the schemes.

Bury Town Centre

Initial projects in Bury Town Centre include working on plans to bring forward a new modern day transport interchange, a comprehensive regeneration scheme around the wider Markets area, a new public hub building, the development of the education estate and plans to increase the level of commercial space in the centre. You will work closely with institutional investors, developers, local people and our Members.

The post-holder will need to have experience of driving forward a portfolio of multi-million £ capital build projects through to completion, as well as a previous track record in engaging in the design and planning phases of major regeneration schemes.


We have just completed a Strategic Regeneration Framework for Radcliffe with Deloittes (attached). The SRF recognises a number of key projects that we must now translate into development proposals. You will be the Council’s visible lead for Radcliffe and will manage a series of Boards and Council Committee’s established to oversee progress and will drive forward a development programme for the Town. You will work visibly alongside the local community to ensure real accountability and local input.

This role is an exciting opportunity, with close support and involvement from the Chief Exec, to effectively implement what are achievable regeneration goals for Radcliffe.